Reducing ESG Impact

Stage Completions is committed to providing innovative solutions that help support ESG goals. We are continually looking for opportunities to deliver responsible solutions in the communities in which we operate. All of our technologies have been designed with the following ESG benefits.


Less Water

  • Continual pumping eliminates additional flush and pad volumes, and no fluid is required for pump downs
  • Knock-on effects of less water include less heating, storage, planning, diversion, flowback, disposal, transportation, risk of spills, chemical, permits, and road transportation time

Lower Frac Rates

  • Pinpoint fracturing allows for more zones, placed more accurately where required throughout the reservoir – splitting stimulation design into smaller fracs means less total rate on surface
  • Knock-on effects of lower rates include smaller frac fleet (less equipment), easier crew availability, fewer operators on location, reduced storage equipment, improved real-time decision-making ability, and less friction reduction chemical

Elimination of Coiled Tubing and Wireline

  • Fracturing with Bowhead, Orca or SandShark allows continual fracturing and does not require post-frac intervention. This eliminates the requirement for wireline on location (for conveying plugs and guns), as well as coiled tubing for post-frac mill-outs.
  • This also eliminates the carbon emissions created by coiled tubing and wireline, as well as of the associated equipment and services
  • Knock-on effects of eliminating coiled tubing and wireline include less equipment, elimination of SIMOPS, elimination of large expensive frac manifolds, elimination of live perforation guns on location, and reduction of risk associated with rigging on/off wellheads (including breaking isolation and time required for pressure testing)

Smaller Lease

  • Eliminating large pieces of equipment, reducing frac equipment, reducing traffic (foot and vehicle) and reducing water storage all contribute to a much smaller required lease size
  • Knock-on effects of smaller leases include easier planning and land negotiations, faster construction, less maintenance, and easier reclamation

Reduction of Safety Risks

  • A large number of safety risks are significantly reduced by many factors associated with the improvements seen in the Stage Completions approach
  • Less windshield time captured (by reducing water, equipment, and services), fewer personnel on location, less wellhead time (opening/closing/rigging-in/rigging-out/pressure testing/stacking BOP equipment/isolating equipment requiring dynamic seals), elimination of SIMOPS and elimination of live energetics


The Power of No

No coiled tubing. No plugs. No millouts. No perf guns. No wireline. ​​​​​​​No unnecessary personnel, water or traffic at the wellsite. No brainer.

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