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Why Interventionless Completions

Stage Completions, offering the industry’s most advanced interventionless completion systems, is changing the game for operators. Our innovative sliding sleeve technology provides efficient and effective completions without the need for complex plug & perf operations.

More Control Without Limits

Experience complete control with accurate sleeve depths, consistent formation access and repeatable outcomes throughout the wellbore to maximize reservoir value. The collet and dissolvable ball activated sleeve system is large bore ID, cementable in place, unlimited in stage count and requires zero wireline or coiled tubing intervention. Don’t let traditional plug & perf systems tie you down. Stage Completions delivers multistage fracturing without limits. Learn more today.

Engineered To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Interventionless Bowhead technology allows on average a 40% reduction in hydraulic horsepower per well, fewer trucks and manpower required, less equipment with fewer gallons of diesel consumed – all sustainable activities that provide a direct CO2 reduction.

The Power of No

No coiled tubing. No plugs. No millouts. No perf guns. No wireline. ​​​​​​​No unnecessary personnel, water or traffic at the wellsite. No brainer.

What is Driving the Adoption of Interventionless Completions?

Using the efficiency of sleeves and advantages of plugs:

Better Well Performance

  • Engineered single point or limited entry
  • Unlimited stage count
  • Constant ID throughout
  • Cementable in place
  • High-rate pumping
  • Deploy under pressure
  • Continuous operations
  • 15K pressure differential
  • Operational control

Reduced Operational Cost

  • No wireline
  • No coiled tubing
  • Reduced HHP requirement
  • Fluid conservation
  • Reduced completion time
  • 15% - 20% total cost reduction observed

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Key Features and Benefits of Interventionless Completions

  • Reduced fluids into formation and associated cost
  • No pumping fluids required to drill out balls, seats and no displacement fluid required for pumping bridge plugs on wireline as per plug and perf methods
  • No remedial work-over required; cost reduction
  • No milling and drilling out balls and seats
  • Fracturing time reduction
  • Less time on location to complete the job vs. plug and perf and coil activated sliding sleeves
  • Reduced friction pressure permitting high rate fracturing operations
  • Ball seats cause high friction pressures and act like downhole chokes
  • Coil tubing fracturing also creates a higher friction pressure due to less surface area for pumping
  • Potential risk of failure is minimized with only one moving part
  • Designed to be cemented in place without affecting component functionality
  • Innovated for all extended reach applications without requiring intervention after the fracturing process
  • The unique uniform collet diameter design reduces risk of sanding off on flow back and allows for full production potential
  • Dissolvable ball allows for full wellbore access during flow back and production operations

The Choice is Easy 

Our interventionless completions solutions are engineered to improve performance and operational efficiencies over existing technologies and techniques, with a host of features and benefits including:

  • One size fully dissolvable ball, no mistakes, lower cost, consistent time to dissolve
  • Limited number of stages
  • Lock & key design means unlimited selectable zones
  • No crane, no plugs, no perf guns, no coil tubing
  • No circulating out with water
  • Full bore well completion
  • Dramatically less HHP on wellsite
  • Full bore, no limit/choke on production
  • No circulation water needed to pump wireline plugs

Start the Conversation

If you are ready to learn how our interventionless completions can help you reduce risk, lower your carbon emissions, save time and money, while improving performance, we’re ready to start the conversation. Let’s get connected today.