Innovative technology designed to optimize every fracture treatment and maximize flowback recovery without intervention

About the system

The SC Bowhead fracturing system is a wireline deployed Baffle isolation fracturing system designed for cemented applications and can also be run in open hole. It is run in conjunction with standard perforating systems below the perforating guns. Sub profiles are run in the liner with full opening ID allowing for ease of cementing the system in place. There are no restrictions in the system limiting pump rates during fracs. Dissolvable balls are used to provide isolation between stages during the Frac and will completely dissolve in the well afterwards, saving time and money by avoiding drill outs. The baffle provides maximum ID after deployment eliminating the need for drill out and allowing ample room for running tools through it. If full ID is required, baffles can be removed with a retrieving tool on coil or joined pipe.

The future of limited entry fracturing systems starts here

With a latching collet to match profiles and a dissolvable ball design, there are no restrictions limiting pump rates during fracs.

  • 70 MPa (10,000 psi) differential pressure rating
  • 85 MPa (12,300 psi) differential pressure rating option
  • Collet barrier can be pressure tested at each individual stage before the setting tool is fired
  • Ability to pull collet from wellbore after pressure testing if a problem occurs
  • No frac rate restrictions
  • Dissolvable ball reduces restrictions on flow back
  • Large I.D. allows for improved production results with no milling or drilling
  • Collet can be retrieved with coil tubing or joined pipe if desired
  • Unlimited stage count