BOWHEAD Well Bore Access Tool

A single system that meets the design-change demand limitations of traditional single-point entry fracturing systems.

About The System

The Bowhead is a dissolvable ball and collet activated well bore access tool designed for cased hole and open hole applications. It offers multiple profile length configurations that facilitate precise tool activation. The collet allows the liner to maintain full drift diameter to surface while reducing hydraulic horsepower requirements, reducing friction pressures, pumping time, wellsite footprint, water requirements and CO2 emissions.  The dissolvable ball will flow off seat with minimal differential pressure due to the unique carrier design, while the collet remains locked into the valve housing. An equal large bore diameter through each collet after the fracture process allows for maximum flowback recovery without intervention. Collets can be removed at any point in time allowing full drift of liner and the ability to reclose the valve for water shut off or future re-fracturing processes.

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Unparalleled precision in ball and collet wellbore access tools

With the capability of longer laterals and more stages, the Bowhead drives high utility of capital, increased EUR’s, helps improve water conservation and reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Reduced fluids into formation and associated cost
  • No pumping fluids required to drill out balls, seats and no displacement fluid required for pumping bridge plugs on wireline as per plug and perf methods
  • No remedial work-over required; cost reduction
  • No milling and drilling out balls and seats
  • Fracturing time reduction
  • Less time on location to complete the job vs. plug and perf and coil activated sliding sleeves
  • Reduced friction pressure permitting high rate fracturing operations
  • Ball seats cause high friction pressures and act like downhole chokes
  • Coil tubing fracturing also creates a higher friction pressure due to less surface area for pumping
  • Potential risk of failure is minimized with only one moving part
  • Designed to be cemented in place without affecting component functionality
  • Innovated for all extended reach applications without requiring intervention after the fracturing process
  • The unique uniform collet diameter design reduces risk of sanding off on flow back and allows for full production potential
  • Dissolvable ball allows for full wellbore access during flow back and production operations