Meet Our Leaders

Our team is developing and deploying record-setting technology to deliver more oil, faster, and with less resources.

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Christmas is the Chief Executive Officer of Stage Completions.  He has 38 years of varied oil and gas service company experience, including decades at Schlumberger and more recently as CEO of a private equity backed water management company.  During his career, David has held a variety of Field, Operations, M&A, Sales and Executive Leadership positions both domestic and abroad.
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Wilkins is a seasoned Finance/Accounting leader with 15 years as a CFO in both public and private companies.  He has been involved with companies of varying stages of business, including evaluation and due diligence of potential start-ups or acquisitions.  Tom received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from University of Kentucky and is a CPA.
Mr. Campbell is the President and a co-founder of Stage Completions. With more than 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, he is an expert in the engineering and design of downhole tools. Mr. Campbell has previously served as VP and Founder of Suretech Completions Ltd., a subsidiary of a major international oil and gas service company.
Vice President Shared Services
Mr. Nordheimer is co-founder of Stage Completions and leads the companies’ Shared Services departments. He is a professional Geoscientist with eight years exploration, operational and development experience in unconventional tight oil and gas plays. In addition, he has designed and completed numerous completion programs for horizontal multi-stage fractures. Prior to co-founding Stage Completions, Mr. Nordheimer held positions with Apache Corporation, Apache Canada Ltd., BP Canada Energy Company, and The Ichnology Research Group.
Vice President Engineering
Mr. Rojas has more than 28 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including offshore and land operations domestically and abroad. Mr. Rojas has been directly involved in completion equipment design, operations, management, and sales in the global tight gas plays. Prior to joining Stage Completions, Mr. Rojas has held positions with Suretech Completions, Tam Completions, Peak Completions, Packers Plus, WFT/Johnson Screens, Halliburton, and Guiberson.
Vice President Operations
Mr. Schneider has more than 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with an expertise in cemented and open hole multi-zone completions. Mr. Schneider was the co-owner of Summit Tool Services. Prior to joining Stage Coemptions, Mr. Schneider has held positions with international and domestic oil and gas service companies including Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Haliburton.
Vice President
Mr. Baker has 20 years of oil and gas experience.  He has held various domestic and international roles including Operations, Engineering, Sales and Executive Leadership.  Mr. Baker has held leadership positions at Packers Plus, Clean Harbors and Baker Hughes.