Single Point Entry

Bowhead: Single Point Entry Completion Systems

SC-Bowhead-II.jpgThe Bowhead is a multistage single-point-entry frac system offering a near limitless number of fracs per well. Cemented or uncemented, this system allows operators to target optimal spacing and distribution while providing unprecedented confidence in sleeve-opening accuracy. The result? Access to frac every time.


Under the impression that “Interventionless” equals sacrifice?

Why Bowhead is Different

Operators who have concluded that single-point-entry is the most effective completion method for their play are most likely aware that there are many claims of efficient interventionless systems. While other systems are undoubtedly less complex than traditional plug & perf methods, they always include compromise. Semi dissolvable components leaving debris behind, seats and valves resulting in major wellbore ID restrictions, complicated electronic, magnetic or ratchet systems leaving sleeve-opening to chance with no real confirmation of what’s happening downhole. Sound familiar? Bowhead is the solution.

Looking for peace of mind?

How It Works

Individually profiled collets pumped downhole with a dissolvable ball ensure unparalleled accuracy by matching only the piston within the targeted valve. The collet travels smoothly through unmatched valves until it reaches its associated stage. At that point, the patented lock-and-key profile slides perfectly into its matching sleeve, latching in and pushing it open. Once open, the collet and ball provide complete isolation from the zone below. The designed stimulation can then be pumped through the open ports, followed by the collet and ball for the subsequent stage.

Using pressure and acoustic recording technology, unmistakable signatures can be seen indicating the collet travelling through each of the unmatched valves above, and clear, repeatable indications of the collet seating and the valve shifting open. This verification system results in absolute confidence for the operator, never needing to ask again “Was that a seat?”.

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Waiting on coil to put wells on production?

vertical-cutaway.jpgLeaving Nothing Behind

Once stimulation is complete, dissolvable balls are flowed off seat and disappear completely. Collets can stay in place with a large-bore ID, leaving an open-flowing lateral with no small-ID restrictions. No loose components or debris are left behind, and operators aren’t left wondering which stages were opened and fracced.

Under pressure to find savings?

Decreasing Costs While Increasing Value

Interventionless single-point-entry offers cost savings in many different forms. Smaller leases due to major equipment reduction, massive time and service cost savings with ability for continuous pumping and elimination of ancillary operations such as milling, fluid savings in the form of volume, storage, heating and transportation, as well as reduced engineering and planning hours all contribute to significant spend reduction.

Customizable pin-point sleeve placement along the lateral can be a key factor in distributing stimulation design accordingly throughout the wellbore. Tailoring zone spacing and frac size allow completion teams to target reservoir accordingly, and ultimately unlock the formation’s production potential.

In recent times, the industry is discovering that value is measured by more than monetary goalposts and production tallies. Operators want to show that they are doing everything they can to uphold their responsibility to maintain environmental, social and governance sustainability. See how Stage Completions has these efforts in mind every step of the way.



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