Limited Entry

Orca: Innovative Limited Entry Technology

20220531_StageCompletions_018.jpgThe Orca system is leading-edge technology offering the ability to stimulate with limited entry design replacing plug-and-perf operations. With flexible configuration and tailored grouping abilities, Orca offers a major advantage in cost, stimulation efficiency and ESG initiatives. Orca eliminates the need for wireline, plugs, coiled tubing for clean out and mill outs.


Stuck using Plug-and-Perf for limited entry?

Efficient Limited Entry Options

As interventionless multistage frac sleeve systems have quickly gained popularity in the realm of single-point-entry completions, many operators believe they are tied to using plug-and-perf applications to successfully conduct limited-entry stimulations. There is now a better option.

The Orca offers proven technology while enabling fully customizable port sizing, port numbering and cluster spacing. Based on the field-validated mechanics of the Bowhead, that has over 11,000 tools in the ground, this system uses a precise lock-and-key collet method to open a virtually endless configuration of frac-port clusters per stage by launching a single collet with dissolvable ball.

Tired of birds-nests and pinholes holding up operations?

How It Works

A single individually profiled collet with dissolvable ball is launched and travels through the wellbore, bypassing full-bore unmatched stages until reaching the targeted stage. The collet latches, fully shifts open the valve, and then continues to travel through the first cluster valve of its corresponding stage repeating the same function through the remaining cluster valves in that stage. When it reaches the landing valve, it latches, shifts open and seats, providing full isolation from stages down-hole.

This process leaves the pre-designed limited entry stage, ready to stimulate immediately, with complete full-bore drift to surface. The engineered ports and clusters provide the desired differential pressure at each formation access point and ensures limited-entry frac distribution across the reservoir.

Once the stage has been stimulated, continuous pumping allows the subsequent collet to be launched thus allowing the following stage to be opened, isolated and stimulated without shutting down pumps.

Removing ancillary operations such as wireline and coiled tubing could be your organizations’ solution to inefficient and complex completion projects.

See it in action


Needing a better solution to milling or slips/debris being left behind?

Post Stimulation

After all stages have been stimulated and the well is shut in, dissolvable balls flow off collet seats and dissolve completely. Once the balls have dissolved, the well is ready to go on production with all open cluster valves providing full-bore drift and collets within landing valves providing large-bore drift.

No coiled tubing, no milling, no slips/debris from partially dissolvable or millable plugs.

Get Your All Access Pass to Frac

Our proven interventionless system gives you better access to frac.

Wanting to make safety a top priority?

Reducing Risk to Personnel

Implementing the Orca fully-enclosed and continuous-pumping system to replace plug-and-perf operations greatly reduces safety risks. Wireline and coiled tubing have proven to be some of the highest-risk completion activities, especially in scenarios with simultaneous operations. Having multiple personnel constantly in the red zone, breaking wellhead isolation every stage, assembling and running unpredictable live perforation charges, and operating equipment including thousands of meters of material in tension are all activities tipping the scales on risk assessments.

Eliminate each of those risks and concentrate efforts on remaining operations and personnel. Have the confidence and total control of operational safety and efficiency.

Our World Records Speak for Themselves

  • 17,884


    Total Well Length

  • 14,600


    Longest Lateral

  • 100


    Max Flow Rate

  • 220


    Highest Number of Stages

  • 11,000+


    Tool Runs

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