Sand Inflow Prevention

SandShark: Sand Inflow Prevention and Exclusion

SandShark is a unique multistage completion tool with built-in proppant-inflow prevention while boasting all the advantages of the Bowhead system. The frac sleeve design is cementable and allows completely interventionless single-point entry completion operations.


Held back by proppant inflow?

Past “Solutions” Are Ineffective

Frac sand flowing back into the well-bore has been an long time issue, haunting operators since hydraulic fracturing began. Proppant in the wellbore causes blockages in production, major issues for workovers, and is a waste of proppant intended to remain in the near-wellbore portion of the frac design.

Curable resins and additives are costly, and depend on temperature, closure pressure, expensive frac chemicals, and full frac placement, and even then, are often unreliable. Closable sleeves offer some protection in areas requiring full closure before flowback but are not a guarantee and require expensive annular frac tools and extra coiled tubing runs to re-open sleeves after initial stimulation. Planning for extra cleanouts, unpredictable restrictions and large volumes of proppant in flowback tanks is not an acceptable solution. The SandShark is the answer.

Looking for a simple solution?

How It Works

The SandShark operates on the backbone of reliable technology offered by the Bowhead. Individually profiled collets with dissolvable balls are pumped downhole accurately opening frac sleeves one by one, allowing tailored frac design and full confidence of valves opening. The patented lock-and-key method ensures reliable single-point entry and eliminates guesswork.

The revolutionary design of the SandShark collet includes a built-in reinforced 360° screen. As the collet and ball are seated, the valve is shifted to the open position and the stimulation is pumped with the screen carefully held in position below the ports. Once the frac is flushed away and pumping pressure is eased, the collet automatically extends and the high-strength screen is shifted into place, fully shielding the circumference of the ports, protecting the wellbore completely from unwanted inflow.

Dreading a cleanout?

Head Straight to Production

With the SandShark screen in place the moment a frac is flushed, no proppant is allowed to re-enter the wellbore. Once all stimulations are complete, the dissolvable balls are allowed to flow off seat and dissolve completely. That means a fully open well with large-bore ID collets and automatically installed screens with no coiled tubing millouts or cleanouts.

Our World Records Speak for Themselves

  • 17,884


    Total Well Length

  • 14,007


    Longest Lateral

  • 100


    Max Flow Rate

  • 220


    Highest Number of Stages

  • 11,000+


    Tool Runs

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