Bowhead II: Defining Well Completions in the Permian

Here at Stage Completions, our Bowhead II system is now a tool used by major operators to complete entire wells across North America. In this post, we talk to Account Manager– Rair Barraez– about how one operator in the Permian Basin first started using Stage in a small operation before scaling to multiple wells in the region.

Can you tell us about your role at Stage Completions and on this job?

I’m a Senior Technical Account Manager with Stage Completions, based out of Houston. I’ve spent my entire career in the oil and gas industry, working with customers to drive forward new innovations to meet and exceed their KPIs. For this job, I serve as the Account Manager, providing technical guidance, overall management of key client accounts, and ensuring excellent execution of the job.

Can you explain how Stage’s Sliding Sleeve System works and what makes it different?

Today, the market needs a single-point entry system that is capable of unlimited stages, individual fracturing isolation, extended reach, suitable for open hole or cased hole applications, constant ID, and the exclusion of wireline and coiled tubing. Traditional single-point entry fracturing systems can’t do this. They simply have too many limitations. On the other hand, Stage’s system was built to remove all of these restrictions. Our SC Bowhead II System, launched in 2016, provides single-point entry fracturing capabilities to operators. It runs a dissolvable ball on a collet that activates cementable sliding sleeves. It features a constant ID throughout the wellbore, allowing for longer laterals, tighter spacing, higher pump rates, and higher sand concentrations, and it’s been tested in diverse formations.

For this specific operator, what were the main challenges they were trying to solve?

Efficiency. For this customer, and really all of our customers, it’s all about efficiency. We can complete a fracturing job faster, and at a lower cost, with equal or better production.

Why do you think they selected Stage’s system?

We entered the market in 2016. Since then, we have gone through the implementation process and removed all the technology risk associated with the introduction of a new product into the market. Our system is now fully commercialized, and we have demonstrated significant market traction across North America. Many operators are observing our success, helping our customers bring their wells online quicker and at a lower cost. That market validation is giving us more opportunities to expand with existing customers and working with new ones.

What was the scale of the job?

We fractured 142 stages on this well. The KPIs for the job were very clear. The customer wanted us to complete 30 stages per day, taking 36-37 minutes per stage, fracking 1,440 feet per day, and completing the job in 5 days.

How did the job go? Were the KPIs achieved?

Yes, they were. It’s exciting to share that we were able to exceed all KPIs for this job. The job was completed in 102 hours, allowing us to exceed the 5-day target. Additional highlights include:

— Ultimately, we were able to frac 33-34 stages per day, at 27 minutes minimum.

— We accomplished 1,583 feet per day.

— On the same pad, nearby wells were using conventional plug and perf. When the customer completed a cleanout/confirmation run on the well using the Bowhead II system, it reached TD quicker than the regular drillout runs required for the other wells, without encountering any obstructions.

As a result of the job, what happened next?

As a direct result of this operation, our customer is expanding its use of the Stage System. Already, we’ve completed a full well where we set a new job-time record, and we are planning more wells in the Permian with this customer.

What advice would you have for someone reading this who might be considering Stage’s system?

Every operator is seeking better efficiency. Our Bowhead II system is capable of completing wells significantly faster than traditional methods, but just as importantly, this leads to significant cost savings because we require less resources and less time in the field, while achieving 100% cluster efficiency. If these sound like the types of challenges you face, reach out to us. Our system may be the solution.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the job?

We’re very proud of our work on this job and our continued work with this customer. Our system performed flawlessly. We are excited about the opportunities we have in the very near future.