The Benefits Blog Series: The Benefits of Reduced Workover Time

This SC Bowhead II sliding sleeve system eliminates the need for electric wireline operations associated with plug and perf (PnP) techniques. In addition to negating wireline and perforating gun costs, much time is saved on location as the wireline callout, rig up time and trip time associated with setting plugs and perforating are not required. The SC Bowhead II system also eliminates the cost and time required to drill out balls and Frac plugs after stimulation operations are complete. The ball is dissolvable and the collets each have an equal large bore ID which allows for flowback and production without the need for post-fracturing intervention. If a clean out trip for sand is needed, coiled tubing can pass through the collets and reach from heel to toe in a single trip. If a full casing drift ID is desired for production, collets can be retrieved with coiled tubing.  

PnP completions involve numerous repetitive operations to pump down and set Frac plugs. Each trip involves a risk of encountering an obstruction or presetting a plug  before reaching final depth. A preset plug or obstruction must be removed before completion operations can proceed. Such an unplanned remedial action would require rig up of coiled tubing or jointed pipe to drill out a plug or obstruction and circulate the casing clean. At best this would be a very costly exercise and delay for all equipment on location. By contrast the SC Bowhead II is simple by design with only one moving part and the mechanical risk is minimal compared to PnP operations.

The SC Bowhead II also has longer term cost and operational benefits. Sleeves can be re-closed for future water shut off or re-fracturing if needed. This is not an option with PnP completions.